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Living Sacrifice. Pt 2

Powerful revelations on the type of Living Sacrifice God requires from us. This message will change your life forever.  Please share with all you know. 

This is a powerful message for all Christians. Listen and be blessed. 


Living Sacrifice. Pt 1

Listen to this transformative message and be blessed. 

Holy Spirit - Our Intercessor

Prophetic Turnaround

Prophetic Turnaround Declarations by Pastor Adama Segbedji

Holy Spirit - Our Advocate

Looking for comfort? why not try the Holy Spirit.

Come and encounter the Power of the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Spirit - Our Helper

Praise and Worship 

Planted to flourish series by Pastor Adama Segbedji 

Learn how the Spirit of Faith operate. 



Powerful and life transforming message of the Spirit of Faith by Pastor Adama Segbedji 

It takes faith to have access to all the resources in the kingdom of God. See how the impartation of the Spirit of Faith can cause you to dominate your environment. 

learn how to perform  on the same level or higher level than your mentors through the impartation of the Spirit of Faith by Pastor Adama Segbedji 

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