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Fellowship is an integral part of the beleivers growth and maturity hence the scriptures admonished us to stay in fellowship and not forsake the gathering of the brethren together....

The Power of Character

Life transforming message by Pastor Adama Segbedji on the Power of Character.

The Power of Character preached @ Solution Chapel Internationl #London by Pastor Adama Segbedji and this is a must listen message for ALL LEADERS and aspiring leaders.

The Good News of Salvation & Benefits by Pastor Zama Segbedji preached @ Solution Chapel International, London during the Easter Convention.

#249 Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace by Pastor Zama Segbedji 

Revelation of the the Redemption Package delivered to us by Jesus Christ. Listen and be blessed. 

#247 The Holy Spirit.

Pastor Zama Segbedji shares powerful secrets about the importance of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer.    Listen and be blessed.

Do you know what the Redemptive package covers? You will be amazed what Jesus did for you 2000 years. Listen to this powerful by Pastor Adama Segbedji and be blessed

#245 Nailed to the Cross

Jesus Christ nailed all our sins to the cross. We have been set free from every accussations of the enemy.   Rejoice for Jesus took care of it. 

Have you ever just sat down to reflect on what Jesus did for you on the CROSS? Listen to this powerful message by Pastor Adama Segbedji and be blessed. 

Listen to this dynamic message by Pastor Adama Segbedji and be blessed.   If our Podcast has been a blessing to you, please just take one minute to leave a comment or review.   G...

Jesus Christ is the only LAMB that was Worthy to be slain for our eternal redemption. In this powerful series God's Servant Adama Segbedji reveals the foundational principles about...

Helen le Paul of UGN Radio Interviews Pastor Zama Segbedji on Extravagant Praise and Intimate Worship with VINESONG @ Slution Chapel International. Listen to the interview. 

Jesus Christ was slain to receive our eternal redemption and it is important for us to know Jesus did for us on the cross two thousand years ago. Listen to this life transforming m...

How to find rest in Christ is a classic teaching that will help you in every area of your life. You can find rest and peace in Jesus, so find out how through this powerful message ...

Come and have an encounter with the burden removing and yoke destroying Anointing that is at work in the life of God's Servant Pastor Adama Segbedji.    

Supernatural Speed part 2 by Pastor Adama Segbedji preached at Solution Chapel International.   Listen and be blessed.  

#238 Dress it & Keep it

Mingle & Tangle This relationship serminar for Singles & Married couples will bless you. Enjoy listening   

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