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Striking Testimony of large lump disappear through the word of Healing. 

Powerful Testimony of the prophetic word over Solution Chapel International members that none will be involved in any form of accident or die through an accident. See the hand of G...

Greatest Miracle

Special Healing School Miracles at Solution Chapel International

Many testimonies where recorded at out first Healing School

May this Testimony of Qualification inspire you and may you complete every project you have started in life in the name of Jesus.

Special Healing School by God's Servant Pastor Adama Segbedji. Listen to Healing in His Word and be blessed.

The Overtaking Anointing is a powerful message. 

Testimony of Supernatural Debt Cancellation through the Prophetic Word @ Solution Chapel International 

Unveiling the BLESSING

Touch Not My Anointed and do my Prophets no harm

See what happens to those who hate carriers of the Anointing. 

£10000 Ten thousand pounds testimony @ Solution Chapel International by the hand of God. 

Unveiling the Blessing is an outstanding revelation by God's Servant Pastor Adama Segbedji. Listen and be blessed.

#299 Born for a Purpose

Do you know why you are here? Do you know where you will be after this life? Do you know for which Purpose you have been born?

Listen to this powerful Testimony and be blessed

The Anointing can cause you to overtake those who have gone ahead of you but there is one thing you must guard against and that is negative competitive competition and wrong motive...

Overtaking Anointing message is a life transforming one and a must listen

The Anointing has the power to bring you from the back to the front. 

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